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iPico i9 Handheld LED Personal Projector

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Say hello to ipico--a sleek hand-held projector that turns your iPod touch or iPhone into a genuinely social media tool. The affordably-priced ipico allows you to easily share videos, photos, and movies in real-time and project them larger than life on virtually any surface.



In a dimly lit or dark room, the ipico screen can project up to 50" diagonal. Pair it with wireless, Bluetooth speakers and you have your own home theater practically anywhere.

No Fans

The ipico hand-held projector is air-cooled for the best user experience. No noisy fans to distract from watching videos and movies at your leisure.

Ambient Light Sensor

An auto adjusting sensor allows for the best color settings in all environments.

About General Imaging

Combining technology and unmatched value, General Imaging brings innovative, quality products to market that are highly affordable and easy to use. General Imaging is the worldwide exclusive licensee for GE digital cameras, the fastest growing mid-tier camera brand according to GAP Intelligence 2011. Since unveiling its first cameras in 2007, the company has extended its expertise to additional digital imaging markets, including the ipico hand-held projector. General Imaging is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Germany and Latin America. 

iPico i9 Handheld LED Personal Projector
iPico i9 Handheld LED Personal Projector
iPico i9 Handheld LED Personal Projector
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