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AAXA P4X Handheld LED Personal Projector

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AAXA Technologies is excited to announce the release of our P4 Pico projector line – the world’s brightest battery-powered projectors. The AAXA P4 pico projector features up to 100 lumens via a high-contrast optical engine powered by Texas Instrument’s DLP. Combined with AAXA’s Vibrant-Color technology the P4 features long-life 15,000 hour LEDs and can deliver a brilliant colorful image of up to 80”* .


Windows CE Operating System

The P4 was designed for today’s on-the-go executive and features a powerful Windows CE ARM processor with 2GB of onboard memory(not available on P4 - X). With optional keyboard and mouse the P4 can run multiple applications including Microsoft Office mobile, Adobe, mobile games, and a variety of other Windows CE applications with a snap. The Windows CE Operating system allows the use of Microsoft Office, Adobe and 3rd party applications. Only available on P4 and P4 Wi-Fi. 


Super Color and Image Quality

The Vibrant Color Technology and triple LED light source in the P4 produces a vivid display with amazing color saturation. 


Long Operation Life

Conventional lamp-based projectors require frequent bulb changes with very expensive bulbs that cost hundred of dollars. The P4's LED light source lasts 10 times longer than conventional lamps so bulb changes are a thing of the past! The P4-X's lithium ion battery gives you upwards of 90 minutes of operation! Rechargable and long lasting the internal lithium ion battery makes the P4 a truly portable unit.


Brightest in Class

The AAXA P4 produces the brightest image of it's class - in DC and battery powered modes. The AAXA P4 runs at 95 Lumens which outclasses the competition in the pico projector market.The P4 is almost twice as bright as its other competitors even on battery power.


Real Quick ON & OFF

Long warm-up and cool down times, sometimes for several minutes, are required for projectors using traditional lamps. The LED light source enables the P4 to achieve full brightness within seconds. Of course, it turns off instantly as well.


Versatile Multimedia Support.
Onboard media player supports popular file formats. Share movies, videos, photos with friends and family. Bring presentations anywhere and everywhere. Enjoy gaming and entertainment without large TV's

Environmentally Friendly

The P4's LED light source consumes less power. The LED is also 100% free of mercury and, as the bulb never needs to be replaced, there are no discarded bulbs.

AAXA P4X Handheld LED Personal Projector
AAXA P4X Handheld LED Personal Projector
AAXA P4X Handheld LED Personal Projector
AAXA P4X Handheld LED Personal Projector
AAXA P4X Handheld LED Personal Projector
AAXA P4X Handheld LED Personal Projector
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